Board of Directors

Eric Rice

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Eric Rice is a leading American entrepreneur. He started his business career in Chicago in wealth management and high-net-worth financial advising before spending more than a decade building businesses at the nexus of multiple industries including artificial intelligence, machine learning, technology. Along the way, he worked with founders across multiple sectors to create profitable, enduring enterprises, demonstrating a keen eye for the nuances of markets and corresponding growth opportunities. In 2013, he cofounded 25 Ventures, a venture studio that developed multiple companies in various areas including wellness, ad tech, and cannabis. He is a sought-after partner for start-ups and established businesses around the globe. With its world-changing ambitions, Quanta represents the culmination of Eric’s years of insight and experience, merging his market acumen with his longstanding interest in the applied sciences. He lives in Burbank with his wife and two children, and still finds time to make it to the batting cages.